First of all we want to assure you that we will do our best to give you the best buying experience possible. 


Our office is located in San Salvador, capital city of El Salvador, from where we ship specialty Salvadorian green coffee to markets in North America, Europe, and Asia. You can also buy through our partnets in the U.S. whom are located in Gainesville, Fl. We grow and sell our own coffee and can also help you find unique salvadoran coffees specific to your needs.

We can quote you on Organics, Fair Trade, Rain Forest Certified from 1 pund to several containers and you can also you can chose from of the following El Salvador's coffee producing regions:

  • Apaneca-Ilamatepec Mountain Range—Located in the western region, with altitudes ranging from 500-2365 meters. Main peaks: Volcanos: Santa Ana, Izalco, Las Ninfas, Las Ranas and Laguna Verde. Hills: Catichio, El Aguila, Los Naranjos or Pilon, Grande de Apaneca, Peña Blanca, Verde, Cuyanausul and Malacara.

  • Central Belt—Comprising the slope of the central coastal chain in the Department of La Libertad, San Salvador and San Vicente; extending from the Armenia gap in the west to the Lempa river in the east Balsamo Mountain. Altitudes form 500 to 1900 meters.

  • Chinchontepec or San Vicente Volcano—Located in San Vicente, in the central zone. Main peak: Chinchontepec or San Vicente Volcano with a maximum elevation of 2130 meters.

  • Cacahuatique Mountain Range—Located to the east of Ciudad Barrios, between San Miguel and Morazan. The Torola river valley and the peaks of the Honduran border are to the north, the central valley to the south and the Torola river and city of San Francisco Gotera to the east. Ranges in altitudes from 500 to 1663 meters.

  • Tecapa – Chinameca Mountain Range—Located between the Lempa and Grande de San Miguel rivers; sloping toward the north to the central valley and descending south to the costal plain with altitudes ranging from 500 to 2139 meters. Main peaks: Volcanoes: Tecapa and San Miguel (Chaparrastique). Hills: Alegria, Berlin, Oromontique and El Tigre.


To request coffee samples and quotes incuding shipping to foreign markets, please send us an email including the type of coffee you need, the address so we can send samples to, and also the port of discharge or airport that you will be using. 


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We really appreciate your business and we are always open to questions, suggestions or ideas you may have.

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