Our bit, helping schools.

Promise fulfilled:

Our first donation: Centro Escolar Canton Los Tablones is located in Ataco, Ahuachapan; a region known for producing one of the best coffees in the world. In June 2017, with our good friends from Koffee Cartel, we had the privilege of briging clean water and cleaning supplies to this small school in El Salvador. Their principal and students where exited to receive us and couldn't thank us enough for this gift.

We want to extend their gratitude to you, our clients. Every morning when you enjoy your cup of Koffee Cartel you can be assured that you are helping communities like this, because they are the ones that matter. We will continue these efforts in the future, because when you have been there, you understand that no gesture is too small and no donation is too little.

Children's Day 2017

Our second donation: After our first visit to Centro Escolar Canton Los Tablones in Ataco, Ahuachapan, Maria Gloria Izarpate de Garcia, the School's Principal saw in us a light of hope and asked if we could come again and help her and some of the school parents, organize a celebration for "el dia del nino" (Children's Day) because they didn't have the resources to do so. After seeing the happiness we had brought to the children on our first visit, we were excited to help again. We promised her we would return and help them organize a celebration that the kids deserved. 

On September 29, 2017, with our partners, Koffee Cartel, we had the honor of bringing "piñatas", cake and a special gift (a TV which the school needed to improve the quality of education) to this school in need. Once again, we wanted to extend their gratitude to you, our clients, because of you we are able to bring so much joy to the lives of these kids for a special day that they will remember for years to come. Because of you our mission is being accomplished. Please stay tuned for future donations and remember that even tiny gestures can make a huge difference in these communities.

A New Tradition

After a few more visits to Centro Escolar Canton Los Tablones in Ataco, Ahuachapan, we decided to repeat the Children's Day celebration we had back in 2017. This time Maria Gloria had asked us if we could contibute with cleaning supplies and we agreed. Besides the cleaning supplies, we wanted to surprise the kids, parents and teachers with some snacks, drinks, pinatas and some cake but what we never expected was that they were going to surprise us. 

This visit was different than the others, this time they were expecting us and had prepared many shows. They had an honor seating section and even parents had prepared a welcoming dance. Different groups of kinds preformed symbolic Salvadoran songs, others recite poems and there has even a crowned "Queen" dressed up for the occasion. It was a very gratifying experience that we hope to continue for many more years.