Inter-Coffee is owned by members of the Pacas family, one of the most influential families in the coffee industry of El Salvador.


In the 1930’s Don Fernando Alberto Pacas Figueroa (left at Finca Santa Rosa), a pioneer of the coffee industry in El Salvador, began experimenting with different varieties of coffee trees from his own plantations, using only the seeds from the best trees. After years of observations into his experiments, Don Alberto finally came out with the tree he was looking for. He invited Dr. William Cogwill, an expert from the Univerity of Florida, to come to El Salvador and study this new tree. After completing his study Dr. Cogwill concluded that it was a new variety of coffee tree wich they named "variedad Pacas".

Years later and with the cooperation of the Coffee Institute of El Salvador the legendary Pacamara was born, a unique and rare coffee variety that resutled from the crossing of the famous "Maragogype" Arabica and the "Pacas” variety. 

Several generations later, and of fate with Alumni from the Univerity of Florida among its management, Inter-Coffee works directly with local coffee farmers and coffee cooperatives in El Salvador. We help create a more sustainable approach to high-quality coffee production, build stronger local communities, minimize our environmental footprint, and create a great workplace for employees, growers, partners and shareholders. 


As a result of our direct relationship and association with local coffee farmers and coops, we guarantee you not only the best prices but also the finest 100% Salvadorian coffee beans.

Tradition, what really matters.

Five Generations.